Reverse Mortgage As A Retirement Planning Tool

An Alternate Option for Financial Freedom In Retirement

If you are still working, taking advantage of a reverse mortgage can help you to retire sooner.  By taking the money you would have paid each month towards a mortgage payment and investing that, you can create a significant savings in just a couple of years.  Working with a qualified financial planner can help give direction on how to properly invest that money.

Many Financial Advisers believe homeowners should consider using a reverse mortgage in conjunction with their portfolio-withdrawal strategy. These loans, where you borrow from the equity in your home, can help you preserve your nest egg, leave money for your children, or both.

Another way to use a reverse mortgage is to utilize it as a standby line of credit enables retirees to preserve their investment portfolio. In this case, the reverse mortgage serves as a buffer, enabling retirees to draw on the credit line during years when their portfolio experiences negative returns, thus helping them avoid selling assets, like stocks, for lower than their worth.

For more information on how a Reverse Mortgage can help you with retirement planning, please check out our Blog.  There are several informative articles on this subject.

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