A Full Service Lender

We are a full service lender.  We have access to many types of loan programs, so we can find the one that best meets your needs.

Forward Thinking

We keep up on the latest programs and regulations.  We also look for different ways we can utilize these loan programs to meet your goals.  This can include using them as a retirement planning tool or a way to use creative financing to purchase other properties.

Problem Solvers

We are not just a lender, we are consultants.  We will never recommend a loan program without first learning about your situation, your goals, as well as your challenges.  We do not just offer loans…We provide solutions!

Customer Support

You will have a hard time finding the level of customer support that you will receive when working with Certified Reverse Mortgage.

Our Story

Working with reverse mortgages has shown me that determining a need for the reverse mortgage is first and foremost. If a need for the reverse mortgage exists, than it’s my duty to properly educate my client about the various products that are offered by the FHA.

By working together with my clients coupled with an attention on planning for the future, together we will determine the best FHA reverse mortgage product that best fits your particular situation .

I will work at your pace. I will work with other members of your family, or with your financial planner if needed. I strive to provide a product that will do what it was designed to do, which is to fulfill a need and create a sense of relief in knowing that you can stay in your home forever without fear of losing it due to high payments.

That is both my mission and my fiduciary commitment. I look forward to educating you about this fantastic loan program.

Matt Evans

Matt Evans

Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

My name is Matt Evans and I’ve worked in lending for nearly 20 years. Over that time I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, providing multiple products available for financing.

I am proud to be a CRMP – Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. This prestigious designation is given by NRMLA the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

Individuals who earn the CRMP have demonstrated a competency in the area of reverse mortgage lending, and are dedicated to upholding high standards of ethical and professional practice in the industry. The CRMP is governed by the Independent Certification Committee and is administered by the NRMLA staff.

CRMP - Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Dear Matthew,

I am amazed at the level of customer service you provided to me. When I first applied for a Reverse Mortgage, I thought this would be a very simple transaction. However, life happened and the Promissory Note that I thought was to the existing Trust, was actually tied to my home. I realized that your company was a very thorough and professional company when you delivered that devastating news to me.
Through the entire process you handled yourself with poise, intelligence, infinite patience, and you were a positive well informed source for me.

I really appreciate that you stayed the course with the goal of getting me my Reverse Mortgage. Your customer loyalty far exceeds excellence!!

Thank you.
C. Smith

C. Smith

Dear Matt,

I want to thank you for all of your help in getting the reverse mortgage on my home. I am impressed with all of your knowledge, kindness, and promptness. Without your help I don’t feel I could have gotten it done correctly and without any problems.

Please call me if you ever need a reference.

V. Baker
Orange County

V. Baker


Thank you for helping my mom with her reverse mortgage.  Your prompt and honest answers to all my questions during the application procedure was equally valuable. I also appreciate that we were not given a “hard sell,” such as we encountered with other HECM specialists we initially talked with. In particular, your insistence that we do the HUD-mandated counseling, before we met with you speaks volumes about your integrity.

As a 94 year old, such processes are not easy. It was a pleasure to have someone who demonstrated such professionalism and patience in helping her work through all that needed to be done.

W. Kaplan

W. Kaplan

Dear Matt,

Our Reverse mortgage was handled by Matt Evans. He was always professional and patient with my wife and I throughout the process. He patiently explained how the process works and carefully spelled out the different types of reverse mortgages. He was always tolerant of our indecision. Finally patience prevailed and we are very happy with the results. Now he is our friend. We exchange e-mails frequently.

V. and R. Dee

R. Dee